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Pregnancy & Birth Coaching

Can be done virtually or in-person (Woodcliff Lake NJ)

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Woodcliff Lake NJ

Service Description

Being a Pelvic Floor PT, Birth Doula and 4x Certified Childbirth Educator (that's right, 4 different childbirth certifications), I have scoured the available best research to get to know our body's inner workings for birth, AND combine the secret sauce* of how your emotions, mentality, and energy around birth can unleash YOUR inner birthing goddess. AS WELL AS using your pregnancy to connect with your body, your womb and your future baby for full EMPOWERMENT as you go into birth, postpartum and parenting! Many people don't realize that we as birthing people have immense power and our mama-intuition starts well before the baby is ever born. And there are many ways to tap into your power and intuition that starts during pregnancy, not afterwards. Learning about how your mind-body-spirit collaborates with your baby for birth is only the beginning, but that is a great place to start and are what these sessions are based on. You (and your birthing partner if applicable) are suggested to attend them together as they are interactive and hands-on giving you the experience and confidence to rock your birth and prepare you for possible decisions that you may need to make prior to your birthday that will ease your stress. We were never made to give birth without support, however, much of the support that is out there is geared towards making you afraid of your body and convincing you to give away your power. YOU AND YOUR BABY WERE MADE FOR THIS! And this offering is here to help you learn the tools, strategies and support that you will desire based on your body and your goals. Most birthers feel completely ready for their birth experience within 2-3 sessions, 90-120 minutes each. You can schedule one at time for your convenience! And book as many follow up sessions as you want after that!

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