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Womb Reiki Energy Session

This session can be done in person or virtually via zoom.

  • 1 h
  • Woodcliff Lake NJ

Service Description

Womb Reiki is a sacred practice that allows you to use spiritually-guided touch as a means of strengthening connection with the Divine Feminine. This powerful form of energy work helps to bring balance, harmony, and awareness within our wombs—a space we may not often take the time to honor. Womb Reiki is an energy healing system that focuses on reconnecting and revitalizing the womb area. It combines traditional Usui Reiki practices with womb wisdom to access and heal inner womb trauma, as well as womb-related issues like: Supporting diseases (in combination with client's medical treatment, when applicable) like... PCOS, Endometriosis, and Fibroids Menstrual cramps Natural fertility Hormonal Imbalance Irregular, heavy or light periods Sexual Empowerment Awakening creativity The meditation and visualization techniques used allow for a profound understanding of your womb memories and beliefs, providing insight on how we can start our own healing process. This gentle self-care routine works to restore balance in our body, soul, heart and womb, resulting in an increased sense of trust, contentment and clarity from within. As we energetically cleanse and heal our womb space, we are also cleansing the womb lineage that connects us all together. Give yourself the gift of womb healing today with Womb Reiki!

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