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What's that Knee Pain All About?

Maybe it's after walking or running that your knee pain starts. Maybe it's after sitting for a while. Does your knee pain always mean that there is something wrong with the knee, or could it be coming from somewhere else? If you have tried all the "knee exercises" and are stumped when your knee pain doesn't get better or returns, then check out this video!

Want a Quick Summary?

➸ Pain at the knee is oftentimes the victim, and not the villain, in your body’s experience.

➸ Using the tie analogy, pretend your knee is the middle of the tie, top is the hip and bottom is the ankle. If the tie is twisted at the top, or twisted at the bottom, it will not lay correctly at the middle.

➸ The knee is composed of the tibia (shin bone), fibula, femur (thigh bone) and patella (knee cap). If you get rotation at the femur or tibia-fibula, you will be getting some rotation at the knee

➸ If you are not checking your mechanics and are performing activities which require repetitive movements, such as running, lifting, sports, then you could causing your knee pain due to a technique or form issue.

➸ It’s important to get the entire lower body chain assessed, as well as the movements which aggravate your symptoms, when figuring out ‘what’s up’ with your knee pain.

➸ “Don’t chase symptoms, optimize systems." A very applicable quote from my colleague and the Founder of the Integrative Women's Health Institute, Jessica Drummond.

Have questions?

Schedule your 10 minute complimentary consult with me to point you in the right direction. Click here to book it!

Disclaimer: I am a physical therapist, but I am not a physical therapist who has done a formal evaluation on YOU. All information in this post is for educational purposes only. It is always best to receive specific recommendations from your healthcare provider team.

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