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What's the Deal with Reiki? Is it a mushroom or a Therapy?

Updated: 2 days ago

Reiki is NOT a mushroom, you are thinking of Reishi mushrooms!

Reiki Practice Therapy is a form of energy healing that helps to balance our your nervous system. Most clients that I see walk into my clinic for Physical Therapy are working with a really overloaded nervous system.

Here is the deal in a nutshell: Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and connecting nerves) literally tell every organ and cell in your body what to do. If they are out of whack, then it can literally create a mess in your body from tight and painful muscles or joints, to hormonal havoc that your system can have a hard time finding its way out of. Especially if you do nothing about it like modifying current stressors, exercising and walking regularly, having a good nutritional baseline, breathing or meditation practices and even working on the hard personal evolutions we all have to go through like relationship and family issues.

Your body has to be working from a neutral baseline to be able to ramp up into fight or flight when you need to (e.g. a bear is chasing you) or rest, digest, heal (e.g. after a meal, for good sleep and to heal from the junk we pick up throughout our lives like injuries or infections).

The problem is, our human stress system (controlled by your nervous system) is slow to evolve to our recent (in the last 100 years) more comfortable living where we don't have to worry so much about lions eating us or starving to death or being exiled from our tribe to get eaten or starve to death. But rather, our current lions are constant work deadlines, chronic relationship issues, lack of physical activity, poor nutrition options or choices which set up our system to be in a chronic fight or flight state* which can lead to many issues like chronic pain and diseases.

But our bodies have not evolved to the point where we can handle being in this up-regulated nervous system stress state for so long, so we are seeing MORE and MORE chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes on the rise instead of the usual things that would kill us off like infection or accidents. Our systems don't know how to live in this state, so basically we stay alive but our overall health suffers greatly and we are still living longer but in the worst shape to where we can't enjoy those extra years antibiotics and life-saving surgeries have brought us.

I certainly don't want my current life OR the back end of my life to be full of the effects of a life lived with an unchecked stress system. So besides the health basics of prioritizing sleep, nutrition, physical movement and social connection, there are other things we can to help support our nervous system and bring us back in balance, REIKI is one of those things!

Want to learn more about what to expect during my reiki services, [click here]!

I found Reiki along my own journey to level up my personal wellness, and have found that more and more research is supporting the use of it in medical institutions such as heart transplant surgery, C-section healing, and chronic pain. Nothing like some evidence to get my scientific-mind opening to service that some might call "woo woo". In reality, I have seen people leave my office after a Reiki Session with a renewed pep in their step and feeling on cloud 9 whether they came in to help calm down from their everyday busy lives or came as an addition to their Physical Therapy visits. I believe that is because you are actually allowing your nervous system to take it a few notches down from your regular overactivity which helps it RESET itself! Not only can that help you with chronic pain, but also with your body's ability to heal itself from whatever is throwing it off balance.

Are you wondering if reiki work can benefit you?

Shoot a message [here] and book a free 15 minute phone consult with Dr. Zazu DPT!

I write this article clearly stating that Reiki is a wonderful wellness tool on its own, and that it should be used to complement traditional medicine. It is not a substitute for sound medical intervention in cases that require things such as medications or surgeries, but it has been shown to help the recovery process in those situations when used in combination. I have plenty of clients who come in monthly for a nervous system tune up (sometimes in combo with Dry Needling) or PT clients who benefit from the additional of Reiki into their rehab program.

As always, if you have any questions, please shoot me an email at or click the button above via my website.

To Your Health,

Dr. Zazu DPT

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