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Supporting folks with pelvic floor issues and chronic pain
transform their struggles into strengths. 

transform into Your
full Potential

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Getting back to fitness while living with chronic pain


Bladder & bowel urgency, pain, or leakage (including during pregnancy)

Pregnancy pains like back/hip/SIJ or Pubic symphysis pain


Sports injury rehabiliation


postpartum return to exercise & running


pelvic floor preparation for Labor & Delivery


Diastasis recti assessment & Core rehabilitation


pain with sex, gyn exam, or insertion of menstrual products


Pelvic health support circle - Online Group Pelvic HEalth Coaching

C-section scar mobilization & recovery


Physical Therapist

In Clinic Session

Individualized Assessment & Treatment

visit in person at our Woodcliff Lake NJ or Orangeburg NY office. Available for both Pelvic Floor or Orthopedic PT sessions, Reiki Wellness and Dry Needling Sessions.


Virtual Session

Individualized Assessment & Treatment

visit done remotely via Zoom. Available for both Pelvic Floor & Orthopedic PT sessions, Reiki Wellness sessions & Out-of-state Rehab Coaching Programs.

Also includes our Pelvic Floor New Parent Group Program. 


In-Home Session

Individualized Pelvic Floor PT Assessment & Treatment

visit done in your home.

Service areas include Northern NJ, Rockland & Westchester Counties.

Must confirm service area with Dr. Zazu for specific rates based on travel time. 

Dr. Zazu Cioce DPT

Dr. Zazu Cioce is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, combining the best of Physical Therapy & Wellness Services to meet each individuals unique needs. Voted 2017's Physical Therapist of the Year for her passion and skill in getting people access to their care they deserve. 

Wellness services include:
Mobility Sessions working on your tender areas & tight muscles 
- Dry Needling to release trigger points & calm down sensitive nerves
- Reiki Energy Work to regulate a hyperactive and overstimulated nervous system

These sessions can be extremely beneficial as a part of your current Physical Therapy Treatment or on their own to maintain your wellness year long!



The mythical Phoenix bird is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. From its ashes, it rises again into a new life. 

You are MORE than a diagnosis. You are a whole person with a unique story that encompasses your past, but also what you want for your future. 

I am here to help you achieve that personal transformation through a combination of exercise, education, and empowerment. YOU are stronger than you may think, and we're here to guide you to becoming the best version of yourself. 


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"Zazu is the best PT I've worked with, and I've worked with several throughout the years. She is very knowledgeable and I saw much improvement with her techniques."

Happy client

Our client's privacy is of main concern, therefore we will not divulge names on our website. 


Many people who "fail" physical therapy, didn't have quality physical therapy care to begin with.
Physical therapy is not created equal, and it matters whom you trust with your care.
There are no physical therapy aides, physical therapist assistants, or technicians in this clinic.
It's you and the Doctor of Physical Therapy, the way it was meant to be with one-on-one care every visit. All sessions are 90 minutes long to make sure you get high quality care!  
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